Roles Where I Find Meaning:
husband to Sarah // daddy to Augustine, Tov, & Elletheia // son // brother // friend
writer (co-auther of Genesis for Normal People & others forthcoming)
professor of religion & ethics
CEO & communications adviser @ MyOhai
perpetual advocate for collaboration // generosity // the common good

Interests Where I Find Meaning:
hip-hop music & culture. creating music. listening to music. reading. basketball. waxing philosophical with people smarter than me. movies. friendships. kierkegaard.

Contact me:
personal comments: jaredbyas [at] gmail [dot] com
speaking or advising: jared [at] myohai [dot] com

3 responses to “About

  1. Jared-
    Sent you an email the other day trying to apologize for not having gotten back to you sooner. Would love that cup of coffee when you get back from San Diego, although waxing philosophical with me (interests) will likely cause you to find I am not smarter than you.
    Grace and Peace to you and your family.

  2. Jared… about to get your book on Genesis; I thought I’d check out your blog and am really glad I did. One comment on “Love the Sinner / Hate the Sin” cliche…agreeing with your thoughts, I think, speaking as an evangelical, we typically don’t know how to “speak in love” with real power and clarity when engaging real people with real fallen lives. Me thinks this is related to a lack of fresh first-hand experience of being spoken to that way or speaking to ourselves that way. So, we try to say powerful things from our moral and gracious theological convictions but we find ourselves redefining the challenge (the whole person needing love / truth)…

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