The Problem with Being Positive

I just wanted to say, I haven’t been neglecting my blog on purpose. The truth is, 2013 was meant to be a turn to the positive. I have gotten all my Evangelical critiques out of my system and am ready to being building bridges and championing the unity of the Church. But to be honest, it’s SO much easier to write critiques than to start letting your own thoughts out into the world.

Firstly, because it’s hard to be articulate. When you tear down a house, the goal is clear. When you’re building it, it’s hard to get started without the finished blueprint. And I by no means have a finished blueprint.

Secondly, because it’s hard to be vulnerable. Critique keeps you safe since you’re not saying anything positive, just being a parasite on what already exists. Once you put your own thoughts out there, you are sure to get your own parasites. Not sure I’m ready for that yet, though I’m close.

All that to say, I hope to write again soon but it’s just hard to know how to start this new chapter! Any suggestions are welcome!


3 responses to “The Problem with Being Positive

  1. Love your brothers and sisters as if they are your brothers and sisters. Invest yourself in their success. Be willing to give more than you can afford to give, tangibly, emotionally and spiritually. Rely on our Father in heaven; and be mindful we are all one family because we all have the same Father. Keep on keepin’ on.

  2. I’m not sure you have to give up on critiques, but take them a step further and say what you would like to be the case instead. For example, “Evangelicals like to punt babies; however, I would like it better if we fed and nurtured babies, instead.”

  3. Props on recognizing the difficulty in presenting your own thoughts and ideas. I agree with you: it’s easy to analyze and critique others, but it’s terribly challenging to put yourself out there to be analyzed and critiqued. For what it’s worth, this short little blog inspired me. I’m going to talk about it in conversations this week. Thanks Jared!

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