Genesis for Normal People Update

For those who do not know, I wrote a book with Peter Enns on Genesis titled Genesis for Normal People that came out back in April as an e-book. It is doing quite well and getting good reviews. I am excited that the book seems to be helpful for people. But for those interested, here are a few updates on the book:

First, Patheos Press just released the Study Guide Edition today. For anyone who bought the first edition, you will be able to upgrade to get the study guide for free.

Secondly, the reason for the Study Guide is to support the Print Edition that will be coming out sometime this Fall. So, if you are without an e-reader, first, welcome to 2012, but second, you are in luck. Just a few more months until you can read the book that will answer compound all of your questions about Genesis in 124 pages.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the book so far and has supported our cause to bring biblical scholarship to the average, non-seminary attending Christian.


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