3 Things Human Jesus Has Taught Me

We all have different pictures of Jesus in our heads. There’s White European/American Jesus who generally just creeps me out. And I have sweet Baby Jesus, who I admit, hasn’t done much for me spiritually, but did great things for my toy collection as a kid. But then there’s Human Jesus. Human Jesus changed everything.

I used to be afraid of Human Jesus. Not in the same creepy way as European/American Jesus, but because of what having a God-who-became-human might mean. Of course, I was taught to admit there was a Human Jesus . . . just make sure to quickly add that we all agreed God Jesus was probably just a little more important than Human Jesus (wink, wink), you know, “first among equals.” After all, liberals, progressives, and even secular ego-driven, anti-god academics admitted to a Human Jesus. It’s God Jesus that really makes a difference. But in seminary, Human Jesus moved from being an embarrassment in my life to being a savior.

Human Jesus saved me at a time when I needed saving. I had come to the place where I was about to divorce God altogether. Once I started admitting to myself that Jesus didn’t make me a super-human, that most of the world couldn’t care less about theology, and that I was still just as broken (if not more so) than my non-Christian friends, God and I just didn’t seem to have anything in common anymore. He seemed too distant, so intolerably perfect and Stoic. I couldn’t even relate to Jesus, what with all his white clothes that never seem to get dirty, Buddhist monk-like poise and patience, and I-know-everything attitude.

I desperately needed a Human Jesus. And thankfully, while in seminary, I got him. And I’ve never looked back. Over the years, Human Jesus has helped me undo a lot of the fantasies I had constructed about Christianity. Here are a few things Human Jesus has taught me:

God gets that we are a mess. Jesus entered into the shit and the beauty of human existence. He was able to experience the love of his mother and the betrayal of his best friends, the beautiful sensuality of getting his feet wiped with the hair of a young woman and the tortuous pain of getting his feet nailed to a cross. It was through seeing Jesus as unapologetically human that I was able to see that God doesn’t want me to become superhuman, he accepts me for me. He doesn’t expect me to be anything but human and he demonstrates this by becoming human himself.

We have a very human-looking Bible. As we see in Human Jesus, it seems we have a God who doesn’t mind “looking bad” for the sake of humanity. If the same God who became human also gave us a book, I would expect it to look very human. It would have to speak, as Calvin would say, in baby-speak — imperfectly, through language, culture, and customs we as very limited humans understand. Does it run the risk of looking, well, ordinary, unrefined, and altogether human? Yes. But so did Jesus.

Love is not about fixing people it’s about being with them. If you want to truly relate to and talk to broken humans, you run the risk of looking broken yourself. Get over it. The streak I see in Human Jesus and Human Bible is this: the One in power giving up that power to become one of us. It is not the rich “helping out” the poor, but learning to be with the poor. It is not the holy instructing the unholy, but the holy becoming so involved in the lives of the unholy that people are uncomfortable with how, from the outside, it’s hard to tell the difference. The God I see in Jesus is a God who threw caution to the wind in the name of love. Damn it all! For the sake of love I will throw off my royal robes, my power, and my reputation, and instead be called a glutton and a drunk, a nobody who dies without notice, a traitor to my state.

That Jesus saved me once and continues to save me almost every single day.

6 responses to “3 Things Human Jesus Has Taught Me

  1. Jared, loved this post. I stumbled across your blog accidently but have had a bit of a look through it now. Some quite wonderful thoughts.

    The Jesus as Human post is lovely. I agree with you about the saving nature of the Jesus as Human story. His enire life, mission, MO, teaching, example and death all speak volumes about the undergirding of the Spirit of God in the messiness of our lives and Jesus’ abilityto identify. I enjoyed the way you encapsulated it so briefly and concisely. Will definitely drop in regularly.

    Best wishes,

    • Agreed. I, too, just recently found your blog (through Dr. Enns’ blog) and have been very moved by your thoughts and musings. You are able to crystalize and connect my jumbled and random thoughts. Please keep up the great work. I’ll be dropping in regularly to ponder and connect.

  2. Worrying: do many people go to seminary seeking to follow a superhuman, teflon-coated Jesus? It’s good that some, like yourself, find a human Jesus while you’re there, but scarey if others sail straight through looking to emulate a distant ‘saviour’ who never, ever gets his hands dirty.

    I do like “He doesn’t expect me to be anything but human and he demonstrates this by becoming human himself” – a helpful antidote to the guilt-inducing expectations of several of our church traditions.

    • I agree. In my experience, they do. By the way, thanks for your critique of my earlier post, I think it was a helpful corrective.

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