Summer Travels

Hello all, I wasn’t able to post much last week and have a feeling this week will be light as well. For those of you who check regularly, I thought I would write up a lame excuse for why I won’t be on here much over the next week. As many of you know, I am adjunct professor of Philosophy & Christian Studies. Many of you might not know that “adjunct” is our elitist way of saying “part-time.” And what means in practical terms is, “You don’t get paid over the summer.”

But neither do you have to stick around. So, my family, which includes my wife Sarah and our three children, Augustine (4), Tov (2), & Elletheia (1), will be spending the entire summer on the East Coast, far away from our 115-degree-summer-average Phoenix.

We left two weeks ago to Philadelphia (where we lived for 7 years prior to moving to Phoenix last year), tomorrow we head to Baltimore to spend 4 days with some close friends (who we actually lived with early in our married life), and then it’s off to SW Virginia for 2 months to spend some time with my sister-in-law and her community. As I try to figure out my schedule on the road this week, my posts will be sparse.

Over the summer I plan to make major headway on a few writing projects and continue my work running MyOhai, but don’t worry (as if you did), I will be writing more here in the coming weeks.

By the way, thank you all so much for your critiques and encouragement. I would certainly keep writing even if no one read this, but my life is richer because of your constant engagement. As I take a little break, I would love to hear what’s been going on in your head, heart, and lives lately.

5 responses to “Summer Travels

  1. We’re in Goldvein Va if you need a stopping place between Baltimore and SW Virginia..we have a guest room and are used to kids. They might like seeing goats and poultry!

    • Thanks for the invite Lee. Unfortunately we didn’t make it to your place this time around but perhaps next time!

  2. I’m a fairly new reader that is getting ready to plant a church in SW VA. I am interest to know what area. I don’t want to stalk… :). I’m going to be planting in Patrick County. Stuart is the largest town. Just wondering.

  3. I am a fairly new reader and I am in the process of getting ready to plant a church in SW VA. I don’t want to stalk…. 🙂 but was wondering what area. We are going to be planting in Patrick County. The biggest town is Stuart. Just wondering. I enjoy the blog!! God Bless!


    • Hey Tim, no worries, I consider stalking a compliment. We will be in Lynchburg, a few hours north of you. You are like, way SW VA. I would love to hear how the prep for church planting is going for you sometime. If you are up here anytime this summer, let me know, I would love to buy you some coffee.

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