“Genesis for Normal People” Now Available

The book is finally out! If you’re asking yourself “What Book?” see my previous post. Grab a copy for just $1.99 before the price goes up later this week to $4.99.

Please, if you do read it, I would love to hear feedback from you. I am always interested to know where our points were not entirely clear, where they made you uncomfortable, or where we got it right. Since books are so “final,” I would also love to continue the dialogue if you would like. So, hopefully you consider the book a beginning of conversation and not the end.

Remember, it’s an e-book so you will need a Kindle or the FREE Kindle App for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, or PC.

Happy Reading!

3 responses to ““Genesis for Normal People” Now Available

  1. Jared,
    Really loved the book and many of the points–especially the “Israel in miniature.” – Such an eye-opener!- Just wondering if you’ve read John Walton’s “The Lost World of Genesis One”, and if so, what you think about his points concerning Genesis 1 in relation to the construction of a temple in the ancient near east…

    Again, thanks so much for your contribution to the E-Book!

    • Thanks Sloan! Yep, I loved Walton’s book, thought it was highly accessible but also very informative. I think perhaps he puts too many eggs in the Temple/Creation motif but often you have to do that to make your point in a forceful way. Overall, I think he helped people start thinking in the right direction. What did you think?

      • I’m with ya. Seeing something from different angles is always beneficial, and he chose to focus on a “side-view” and that’s great. I can tell NT Wright found it intriguing–I’ve caught him mentioning it a couple of times recently. It goes along well with his apocalyptic views of heaven and earth.

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