Aliens & Genesis

I am currently writing a paper on the literary connections between the two creation stories found in Genesis. I am not at all interested in whether they come from two different sources (with a great redactor) or whether they are from one source, it makes no difference to me. Anyway, I have finally found the answer in a book entitled The Lost Tribes From Outer Space. Apparently Elohim was the creator God who created hominids and evolution and the whole bit and then this strange new guy, YHWH, came from outer space and created Jews (Adam & Eve) to colonize the earth. This also explains why Jews have been persecuted for so long, they aren’t human! “their oppression is like the process of rejection that sometimes occurs in organ transplants” (19-20). That also explains why YHWH gets so ticked off about intermarrying, it’s obvious that Aliens (Jews) shouldn’t intermarry with lowly humans.

Whew, and I thought the enigma between Genesis 2:3 and Genesis 2:4 would never be solved…

2 responses to “Aliens & Genesis

  1. Sweet!!

    Answers everywhere! I think this relates directly to the world ending in 2012 and the Aztecs sacrificing their kids to the aliens.

    (Sure can find a book about anything these days!)


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