God is the cause of Global Warming

I completely disagree with my friend Art who says that Satan and evildoers (like liberals, popes, people who don’t believe in the rapture, et al.) are the cause of global warming. Although he does present some good evidence (click here to see his post), I have stumbled upon some counter-evidence that it’s actually God and not Satan.

4 responses to “God is the cause of Global Warming

  1. i think your friend has a point. And you know what, Its satan’s fault that i sin too. And its his fault that i dont have an A in math

  2. Those are fighting words.

    We have a pretty good model for how to settle theological disputes.

    The first question is: who is suspending who?

    I think you should be suspending, since you are clearly outside of the Confession by taking the anthropomorphic language of Scripture to be literal, which does not clarify the passages which speak of God as a spirit.

    Therefore, you are not interpreting Scripture by Scripture.

    As you know, Scripture is only a divine product, which means that when the Biblical authors said hell was “below” us or that people went “down” into hell, those were only God’s words and not a contextualized way for God to reveal himself to his people.

    Therefore, you are suspended.

    And this decision was made without you present. Therefore, procedure was followed.

  3. Yeah, but you’re forgetting two things:

    1. You don’t believe in any scholarship written in the last 30 years unless it was written by a direct descendant of E.J. Young. You are suspect.

    2. You are not an expert in understanding the texts that clearly point to my point of view. So why again do you have the authority to call what I am doing outside the Confession?

    Oh wait, those only matter in a sane and actual world where things actually make sense.

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