Happy Birthday World!

According to Anglican Bishop James Ussher in his popular Annals of the World (1658) the world was created on October 23, 4004 BCE. So as of yesterday our planet is officially 6,010 years old! His research was based on a ‘literal’ reading of Genesis and a ‘literal’ reconstruction from the geneaologies therein. To read more, read the article or better yet, buy the book.

3 responses to “Happy Birthday World!

  1. “One of his aides took the calculation further, and was able to announce triumphantly that Earth was created on Sunday, the 21st of October, 4004BC, at exactly 9:00AM, because God liked to get work done early in the morning while he was feeling fresh.

    “This too was incorrect. By almost a quarter of an hour.”

    if you haven’t read Good Omens yet, tell me, and i will bring it into work tomorrow *grin*

  2. Great book! Just got it for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t gotten very far through the 900+ pages yet! I thought it fascinating that he calculates Noah leaving the ark the day the earth was created–just 1,657 years later!

    Obviously, the exact dates do not matter, but it does seem like something God would do–“restart” the world the same day He “started” it.

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