The Winds of Change

You can ask most people that know me…I am not one for change. I have only eaten one flavor of snowcone since like 5th grade. I don’t write in blue pen. I only eat vanilla flavored ice cream. If it’s been part of my routine for a while, why mess with it? Plus, when you’re OCD, things like this tend to happen.

Anyway, about a week ago, I got a new Mac. I have never owned a Mac but have always wanted one. It took me a few days before I even opened the box when it came in because I started to realize how much I’d have to learn and change with a new laptop. All my Hebrew & Greek shortcuts and fonts would have to be redone, all my favorites would have to be re-entered. I have to admit that a few hours after booting up, I was ready to send it back and just go get a Vaio. Everything’s just so different. Why can’t you just ‘right click’ on it? Why do you have to go up to “Quit” on everything instead of just hitting the x? These were my frustrations. But alas, after another few days on here and in anticipation for getting an interface so that I can record my own music (a major reason I opted for the Mac in the first place), I have finally warmed up to the Mac as of today. I am still not a Mac-head but if any of my Mac-owning friends are a vision of what’s to come, then I am soon to be a PC basher as well.

*By the way, major props to my wife. She actually got my friends and family to send money for my birthday so I could get a new laptop since mine had major issues. Thanks love.

4 responses to “The Winds of Change

  1. Welcome to the church of Mac my friend.

    Have you gotten your hands on Accordance? It blows BibleWorks and Libronix out of the water. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s well worth it. I can’t imagine seminary without it.

  2. i am not, myself, entirely reconciled to the Way of the Mac. greek fonts gave me a heck of a problem (ask me sometime about my powerpoint presentation). i do find it helps the transition if you use a regular 2-button mouse. just plug a regular two-button usb mouse into the port on the macbook and you’re good to go.

    oh, and happy birthday. now you need to come over sometime and geek out about music on the mac.

  3. BTW, what Greek and Hebrew fonts do you use?

    The SBL standard fonts (Greek: SPIonic; Hebrew: SPTiberian and SPEzra) are the same cross-platform. You can also choose on Accordance which font to export to Word, Pages or Mellel.

    Mellel is the best word processor on Mac for Biblical studies. It’s cheap too. You should look into it.

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