Philadelphia Folk Festival 2007

So I went to this folk festival a few weeks ago and I enjoyed myself probably much more than I should have. It’s a gathering of about 4000 hippies and wiser (read: older) generations dancing and chilling to folk, bluegrass, and celtic music for three straight days. I had heard stories about this festival in the past, the legends of people just walking around completely naked, etc. However, it was a lot more low-key than I expected: which oddly enough was a little disappointing. Not that I wanted to see naked people but I do love to dance to bluegrass and folk music. And dance I did. There were about 200 of us in the back of the field just having a good ‘ole time dancing to the fiddles and the banjo. This year I went by myself but next year I hope to recruit some friends, since I will definitely be back next year.

I was planning on making some ‘spiritual insight’ or ‘illustration’ out of this experience but there really is no need. Music, dance, and the like are all God’s and it was a joy to participate. I had a great time which probably betrays my true inner hippie.

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