A Prayer by Anne Bronte

Reflecting on the past few years here in the Philly area, I’ve realized how much my faith has grown. This is surprising considering how incredibly often I have been plagued by doubt here at seminary. I feel like I have survived the turbulent waters of ‘being honest with the text’ and ‘letting the text be the text’ and have passed to the serenity of a 2nd naivete. But as I reflected on that and praised God for his hand in all of it, I came across a poem that I have really become attached to in the past few days. It’s by Anne Bronte, third of the famous Bronte sisters (Charlotte & Emily) and is found in an amazing book called A Sacrifice of Praise which is “an anthology of Christian poetry in English from Caedmon to the mid-twentieth century.”

A Prayer

My God (oh, let me call Thee mine,
Weak, wretched sinner though I be),
My trembling soul would fain be Thine;
My feeble faith still clings to Thee.

Not only for the past I grieve,
The future fills me with dismay;
Unless Thou hasten to relieve,
Thy suppliant is a castaway.

I cannot say my faith is strong,
I dare not hope my love is great;
But strength and love to Thee belong:
Oh, do not leave me desolate!

I know I owe my all to Thee;
Oh, take the heart I cannot give;
Do Thou my Strength, my Savior be,
And make me to Thy glory live!

2 responses to “A Prayer by Anne Bronte

  1. So as long as our heart is with Jesus, posessions are ok. as long as we are able to lose them, as Job was, then having a 250,000 dollar car is ok

  2. P.S. Isnt the trinity a single unity of father, son, and holy spirit? We dont believe in three Gods, but a unity of all three in one. the trinity really confuses me, perhaps that should be the topic of our next coffee trip

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