WTS Books & Blog Partnering

For those of you who are new to theological books, I’ll be the first to let you in on a little secret. Westminster’s bookstore is pretty much amazing. First all of they have the lowest prices, yes, even lower than Amazon. They carry pretty much any theological book worth reading and only charge 5$ for shipping on orders of any size. I get most of my books through them. But now they’ve added a blog partner program (for every 50 referrels they give you a 10$ gift certificate), which is even better. It’s a great program, one which I’ll be using, so definitely check them out!

One response to “WTS Books & Blog Partnering

  1. Haha so if i buy 50 pencils and write my name down as the referer, i will get 10 dollars?

    …Of course i would be in the red but still, good plan right?

    Starbucks was fun, must do it again

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