Summer of Religious Diversity

Ever since I moved here to Pennsylvania from Texas and then Virginia, I have been wanting to go to some different services and get to know some different religious communities. Nothing against Amarillo, TX but it’s not really known for it’s “diversity”. Catholicism is about as “far out there” as it got. So for the remainder of this summer I will be visiting a different community every week, starting Sunday July 1 through the second weekend in September. I have picked religions or denominations that I have always been curious about and have specifically picked locations close to home. The best way I figure to love my neighbors as myself is to actually get to know them and there are a surpising amount of these communities close to my house and home church. Anyway, I will be blogging about my experience each week. I am very excited about this and know it will be a great experience. My tentative schedule is:

1. Antiochian Orthodox
2. Catholicism
3. Buddhism
4. Islam
5. Unitarian Universalism
6. Judaism
7. Hinduism
8. Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
9. Jehovah’s Witness
10. Mormonism
11. Messianic Judaism

2 responses to “Summer of Religious Diversity

  1. sorry to have found this so late and by accident. Amarillo actually IS known for how cosmopolitan and diverse it is. It has large Muslim and Jewish communities for a city its size, as well as a burgeoning Buddhist and Hindu community.

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