The Language We Use – Part 1

This is from a post I did on my church’s blog, I thought it might be thought provoking:

We have all heard it said, “The church isn’t the building but the people”. As much as we “know” that, we still have the “building” concept still embedded in our thinking. Just look at the words we use on a weekly basis.

I am going to church tomorrow.
What did you learn at church today?
Do you go to church?

What seemingly amounts to harmless semantics I think actually affects how we view our spirituality in general. By using such phrases (which shows how we really still think about things, even if on the surface we deny it) we are making it harder and harder on ourselves to not compartmentalize things. My thought is that such language breeds two things (although there is probably more):

1. A lack of concern for our spirituality outside of the buildings we go to
2. A passivity in our engaging in spirituality and our worship, especially when we gather on the weekends at our gatherings.

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