Calvin on Encouraging Words

John Calvin on Roman Catholics who deny justification by faith alone:

I forbear to say what sort of zealots for good works they are who thus carp at us. Let them rail with impunity even as they wantonly infect the whole world with their own foul lives! (Institutes, III, 16, 1).

I literally laughed out loud when I read this paragraph. What was it about these guys that just did not allow them to play nice?
This one is for you Dave Williams, here is your anti-papist rhetoric back in full swing.

One response to “Calvin on Encouraging Words

  1. Thanks Jared for bringing back the anti-papist rhetoric. What many of these broadly evangelical softies do not realize is that if we do not return to the great Reformation tradition of verbally abusing the Romanists and their Romish Tom-foolery, they will spread abroad their gross popish errours as a plague or a brush fire leaving a multitude of damned and of martyrs in their wake!

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